Dustin McLean dustin@dustfilms.com
  "Spin"    2001 +100k views!

Watch what happens when a group of household appliances take their owner on a wild chase through the neighborhood! Using real people and props, this movie is animated entirely in stop-motion. (We call it "Peoplemation"!) This was actually filmed completely shot for shot, in-camera with no prior storyboarding!

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"Cliffsnotes" (series)    Oct 03, 2011

We created 6 animated episodes for Cliffsnotes starting with some Shakespeare classics!

Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Hamlet, Othello, Julius Caesar and A Midsummer Night's Dream.

  "Ringtone"    Aug 20, 2009  +10 million views!

"SuperNews" was invited to create an animated music video for Weird Al Yankovic's new single "Ringtone". I was fortunate enough to be able to take the project under my wing and breath life into it with the help of the entire "SuperNews" team. It was a dream come true getting the oppurtunity to work with one of my life-long heroes!

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  "Falling..."    Jan 20, 2008

A tragic tale of love between two stop-motion animated wire-people. I started animating this in 2003 but it wasn't finished. During the summer of 2007 I set out to finish it once and for all. The first 50 seconds are the original animation, everything else is new, including an original musical scored I composed.

See behind-the-scenes photos here!
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  "Seven"    June 06, 2007

This is music video set to the first song that I wrote for my wife Priscilla. I used an experimental stop-motion technique that I had never seen done before which would allow the ability to lip-sync the stop-motion afterwards to sync with the music.

See behind-the-scenes photos here!

Watch the making of the song here!
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  "5 Busy Shapes"    Jan 16, 2007 +200k views!

This was animated in 1997 and is based on a children's poem. I dusted off the original 8mm video tape, re-recorded the narration and voices and composed a brand new song to give this cute little story new life!
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  "Carol of the Robots"    Dec 21, 2006 +200k views!

Watch what happens when these robots get together to perform the classic Christmas tune "Carol of the Bells"! (The music is performed by me as well.)

Print and fold your very own DustFilms robot here!

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  "New Numa: The Animation"    Nov 6, 2006 +900k views!

So the "Numa Numa" guy made a new video and it's really terrible, and my first Numa Numa animation "American Idle" was such an unexpected hit I figured I should do a spoof of his new video as well.

Watch the actual "New Numa" video here!
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  "On Water"    Sept 9, 2006

Drawn entirely in crayon, this aquatic adventure is set to one of my original songs. I thought the child-like tone of the song needed a more child-like art style so Idrew everything on paper with crayons and then pieced it all together on the computer.

See some of the original scanned drawings here!
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  "SuperNews" (series)    May 2006 - May 2010

"SuperNews!" was a half-hour animated show on Current TV that took a hilarious look at everything from politics to pop-culture. I started as an animator on the show when it was just a 3-person team producing short episodes semi-weekly. The show eventually grew to a full half-hour, weekly program and I supervised the team of animators as assistant director. Throughout the run of the show I composed several original songs as well as character design and the occasional voice performance.
  "Go Away"    April 07, 2006 +500k views!

Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Ashlee Simpson and many more... Don't you think it's about time these people just GO AWAY??? Then look no further! I wrote and performed the song as well.

Check out all of the caricatures here!
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  "Trash"    Feb 10, 2006

Watch this poor guy struggle with a trash barrel that just won't behave!

This was our second attempt at creating what we call a "peoplemation". Originally animated in 1999, it was forgotten about for a while but I dusted it off and added some original music.
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  "Peoplemation #1"    Feb 3, 2006

We were bored one night and wanted to make a "peoplemation" (which is where we use real people, but using stop-motion animation.) This is all we could come up with indoors on short notice. (Originally animated in 2002.)

Be sure to watch Spin and Trash for more eloborate peoplemation fun!

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  "Play More"    Jan 27, 2006 +200k views!

Due to the (unexpected!) popularity of "Play" I decided to make a new song with the same sounds and animations! I've also added 4 new moves and kicked the visuals up a notch!

Watch the original "Play"!
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  "Flathead Symphony"    Oct 10, 2005 +300k views!

A percussion performance by a group of "Flatheads", from artist Dan Paladin.

I wanted to take the basic concept behind "Play" and expand it using other animators. I had talented animator Dan Paladin create individual animations for each percussion sound I planned to use. I arranged the sounds into a song and then synchronized the animations!

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  "Shave Tonight"    Sept 7, 2005

This is a parody of the song "Save Tonight" by Eagle-Eye Cherry, remember that annoying thing? I rewrote the lyrics and recorded/performed they song myself. The animation is a parody of thse music video for that song as well. (This is actually the rough storyboard, the animation itself was never completed.)
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  "Over There"    Aug 21, 2005

Follow clay character Trip Montgomery on an adventure across the room to rescue his damsel-in-distress! (Or is she smarter than our hero?)

This was originally made in the year 2000, but this improved version is polished up a bit, has all new audio, and a brand new custom musical score.

View the on-set pictures!
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  "American Idle"    March 27, 2005 +4 million views!

See what happens when American Idol meets the Numa Numa dance! What will the judges think?

If you haven't seen the original Numa Numa video, watch it here!
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  "Play"    Feb 25, 2005 +700k views!

An animated feast for the eyes and ears. Everyday sounds come together in a breathtaking showcase of movement and rhythm.

I filmed myself doing the actions and then traced them frame by frame. The sounds were created using everyday objects then arranged to make the beat.

View the interactive behind-the-scenes here!
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