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Dustin McLean is an award-winning producer/director and creator of several popular YouTube shows. His combination of production experience as well as his hands-on DIY skills have established him as one of the most unique producers working in the digitial media space.

Dustin was most recently the Executive Producer and Director of Original Progamming for Mashable Studios, overseeing dozens of series and operating Mashable's YouTube channels including CineFix. A few notable shows Dustin has created, produced (and sometimes hosted) are "Homemade Movies, “DIY Prop Shop”, "DIY Costume Squad", "Scamalot", "The Toy Shop", "Trailer Mix", and "All The Memes".

Past credits include digital content for NBC's "The Voice", "SuperNews!" on Current TV, the animated Shakespeare series "Cliffsnotes Films" and directing the music video for Weird Al Yankovic's "Ringtone". His DIY how-to videos, music videos and original shorts (which include originating the “literal video” meme with his parody of Ah-Ha's "Take On Me") have earned him tens of millions of views and a fan base of fledgling DIYers.

contact: dustin@dustfilms.com