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Dustin McLean is an award-winning producer/director and creator of several popular YouTube shows. His combination of production experience as well as his hands-on DIY skills have made him one of the foremost up-and-coming YouTube producers to watch.

Dustin currently produces and hosts “DIY Prop Shop” on the AWEme channel. He created the popular web series "Homemade Movies" on CineFix for which he produced, directed and edited over 50 episodes gaining 30 million+ views. He also created and directed a season of the animated show "The Cutting Room" and produced YouTube videos for NBC's "The Voice".

Past credits include animating and directing "SuperNews!" on Current TV, directing the popular Shakespeare "Cliffsnotes Films" animated series. His DIY how-to videos, music videos and original shorts (which include originating the “literal video” meme with his parody of Ah-Ha's "Take On Me") have earned him millions of views and a fan base of fledgling DIYers.